Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 28/10/11

Hi everyone,

Another belated issue, containing only what I had time to read… sorry! But there have been some really great EWB blog posts in the past couple weeks – I hope you take time to read some of them. Enjoy!


If there’s anything you’d like to see added or removed from the Development Digest, please let me know!

If you only have time to read a few articles, read the ones with the *star*!

Africa news:

Africa set for steady growth, with threat of faster inflation –
Democracy in SSA: it’s progress, even if it’s patchy –
Africa: A sophisticated plan to boost growth –
*Women and the Arab awakening: now is the time –

Agriculture news:

Farmers facing loss of subsidy may get new one –
Trees ‘boost African crop yields and food security’ –
High costs make it harder to grow young farmers –
Spore: the magazine for agricultural and rural development in ACP countries –
*China’s farming history misapplied in Africa –
Kenya: a glimpse of climate-smart agriculture –
How can contract farming work for poor farmers? –

Development thinking:

Who is going to pay for open aid data experts? –
Some days… –
Cash transfers: What have we learned so far? What are the implications for policy? What more do we need to know? –
*Development impact calls for knowledgeable development practitioners –
Important communication to all aid bloggers related to the urgent need for better coordination in the sector –
Joint learning and partnership building events on scaling up the fight against rural poverty (good links) –
The rise of the ‘new’ donors (India, China, etc.) –
Global resilience requires novelty: a speech by Buzz Holling at SFU –
USAID’s complexity journey –

Special Feature: Aid blogger ‘J’ held a Blog Forum on Admitting Failure (and I missed it! damn…)
Here are some of the highlights (in my opinion):
*Fad surfing in the Development Boardroom (hard-hitting post on Admitting Failure) –
10 levels of failure: a framework to fail in everything you do –
With fails like these, who needs success? –
Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure –
Admitting Failure: the “naked truth” for water and sanitation? –
Admitting failure is trendy but, at least for NGOs, not prudent –
On admitting failure, otherwise known as learning –
The paradox of aid failures –

EWB blog posts:

*Joyce: First moto lesson –
Dominique: What am I doing in Ghana, part 2? –
Lyndsey: Mass chaos on the Metro Mass –
Erin: Outdooring: A joyous occasion –
Siera: Two months of immersion in Ghana –
Mike Klassen: Gearing Down… –…/
Lauren: Dorothy, Complexity and Change –
Eric: Larium bugs –
Eric: Mpika Urban Hospital –
Janine: Me –
Don: Perseverence –
Joyce: Seeing Ghana through Ghanaian eyes –
Kristina: More of the usual –
Geneviève: After the rain –
Max: Donnez moi un M, un A, un L, un A…. Rassemblé toutes ces lettres et vous y trouverez… –
Franck: Retour à Québec –
Dominique: The Tale of the Missing Visa –
Lyndsey: On Being Present –
Dom: Making shea butter Part 1 –
Kristina: Leap –
Duncan: Designing for Glee –
Mark W: Thanksgiving in Zambia –
Mark W: Pool Hall –
Mark W: Jacaranda trees in flower –
Duncan: Lake of Stars –
Mark W: Misplaced message? –
Janine: Gangksgiving –
Lauren: I love my job… and a Slam poem –
Jordan: A better view, is right in front of you –
Eric: Halfway! –
Max: Tout est relatif –
Janine: Missing home(s) –
Mark W: What’s in a name? –
Jordan: Can’t take it anymore… gotta get back to Canada –
Dan: Happy Thanksgiving! –
Mark W: Hockey night in Zambia –
Mark W: More Harvey Tile wisdom –
Eric: Halfway! – Addendum –
Tessa: Backspace versus delete –
Kristina: Answering a common question –
Janine: On Vision –
Eric: Where’s Eric? –
Janine: Saa –
Mark W: Brain fruit –
Dom: The DDA Fellowship part 2 (or maybe 3): I Have a Dream –
Max: Origine, appartenance et modernité?! –
Mark W: Chitenge slackline –
Mike: Thank You Too –
Mina: Asking Different Questions –
Erin: A Tale of Two Projects –
Geneviève: Liwonde here I come –
Janine: The Science Master –
Mark W: Roadside rock quarry –
*Jordan: I guess I’m not that hardcore –
*Lyndsey: 7 days in a rural village and other October highlights –
Lisa: Finding the trail again –
Janine: Risotto, french toast and other Ghanaian culinary concoctions –
Eric: Anecdotal Normalcy –
Mark W: Independence Day –
Kristina: Fathers – Things that make me happy –
Geneviève: Four corners –
Mark W: FAO Vouchers –
Anthony: Beliefs should be the foundation of structure –
Max: Les privilèges d’un Sulminja –’un-sulminja/
Mark W: Burnin’ rubber sandals –
Dom: Thanksgiving in Ghana –
Dom: How is one supposed to feel? –
Franck: Looking west –

Special Feature: Blog Action Day on the topic of Food
Siera: Smart interventions for food security in Africa –
Duncan: Nothing is that simple –
Don: The ‘Last Mile’ in agricultural development –
Erin: Sustainable Food Security: Agricultural Models for the 21st Century –
Robin: Food: The good, the bad and the nasty –
Janine: My friend Gani, malnutrition and the merit of soya beans –

Amusing and interesting things:

*New York Times Infographic: The Great Regression –
*Personal Best: Coaching a Surgeon: What makes top performers better? –
Here is a Way Development & Aid Workers can Overcome Isolation at Work –
The world’s top 100 economies: 53 country, 34 cities and 13 corporations –
16 Tips to Simplify your Life and Increase your Productivity –
Wonderful video made by the Summer 2011 EWB Junior Fellows!! –


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