Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

About Ghana


Area: 238 537
Population: 23,837,000
Capital: Accra
National Language: English
Independence: March 6, 1957
UN HDI: 152/182

You may notice that Ghana is not doing as badly as many countries on the UN Human Development Index (HDI). However, like many countries, Ghana’s wealth is not equally distributed across the country. The majority of the wealth is concentrated in the south around Accra. As you move north through the country, there is a noticeable decrease in the quality of infrastructure (roads, electricity, etc.) and an increase in poverty rates. For this reason, EWB has decided to concentrate its work in northern Ghana, the area with the greatest need.

Most of all, Ghana is a beautiful country full of beautiful people! My favourite thing about living in different countries is that the undercurrents of humanity remain the same. The food, culture and living conditions may be completely foreign, but we are still able to connect on a deeply human level and share our joys with others. So Amaraaba – welcome to Ghana!