Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 30/09/11

Hi everyone,

Here we go again: another catch-up version of the Development Digest. This time we’re catching up on the international development blogosphere! Check out that section for lots of food for thought. Enjoy!

I would also like to highlight a prominent development blogger, Tom Murphy (A View From the Cave), who has started up a daily development news digest. Visit the site for more information and to subscribe:

If there’s anything you’d like to see added or removed from the Development Digest, please let me know!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*!

Global news:

Gone but not forgotten: Anwar al-Awlaki dead –
Stocks collapse at end of worst quarter since the crisis, led by economically sensitive sectors –
Where do we go from here? Five things that Palestine could do to push forward the quest for statehood –
Dozens killed in Syria protests –

Canada news:

Fighting poverty pays off, report says –
‘Smart’ aid boosting African economies –
Ontario NDP’s shift to the middle could leave Liberals feeling squeezed –

Africa news:

*Small factories take root in Africa –
In Zambia, an election reveals skepticism of Chinese involvement –
Tough-talking Sata orders probe into deals –
Boko Haram top commander, five others arrested –
Ivory Coast gets truth and reconciliation commission –
Wangari Maathai: death of a visionary –

Ghana news:

Oh, Ghana… –
Efforts to reduce child labour on cocoa plantations beginning to pay off –
World Bank has okayed Chinese loan: President Mills –

Agriculture news:

On agricultural productivity and food security –
Gender differences in agricultural productivity –
New radio documentary shows how FrontlineSMS connects farmers in Kenya –
Thirty years after the original, a new study of organic agriculture –
*Got cheap milk? Why ditching your fancy, organic, locavore lifestyle is good for the world’s poor –
Cereal prices in 2020: how worried should we be? –

Eldis studies and papers:
The rural non-farm economy: prospects for growth and poverty reduction –
Rural Africa at the crossroads: livelihoods, practices and policies –
Smallholder farmers’ perceptions of climate change and conservation agriculture: evidence from Zambia –
Access to land, growth and poverty reduction in Malawi –

Events you can’t go to, but might be interested in browsing papers, blogs and articles about:
Sept. 25-Oct.6, e-Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities for Capturing Impact in ICT Initiatives in Agriculture –
Sept. 26-2, IFAD AgriKnowledge Share Fair –

Development thinking:

*EWB ALERT: CEO George’s post about writing his TED talk – 6 Minutes for a Big Idea: disciplined communication courtesy of TED –
Time and Space –
A hypothetical proposition on governance reform –
Sharing is caring: why handing out money is a good practice –
Form a posse –
What should Oxfam be doing on water? –
Good news on aid: dependency is falling, and quality (slowly) improving –
*What happens when donors fail to meet their commitments? –
USAID FWD: Some promise and some transparency –
Working Paper: The impact of economics blogs –
Aid “Industry” vs. Humanitarian “Relief” –
Learning about Famine –
*Have you tested your strategy lately? –
Of Penn, pigs and cod (really about humility) –
If randomized evaluations are so great, why don’t businesses use them? –
Managing better for results, not just measuring them better: lessons on complexity for the results agenda –
Appropriate Technology: could donkey ambulances save lives in poor countries? –
Private cities coming to Africa –
Blog survey findings: who reads development blogs? –
A new kind of overseas charity is born –
Making the most of mobiles (not internet) –

EWB blog posts:

Anthony: The Anchor Leg –
Duncan: The death of a camera –
Janine: Getting comfortable –
MC: Et si la pluie ne venait pas? –
Janine: Rasta drugs –
Lyndsey: What I “chop” in Ghana (chop = eat) –
Colleen: Where in the World is Colleen? –
Lisa: Crossing the Shire –
Tessa: Days like Month 5, days like today –
Franck: Un marathon à Accra –
Robin: The need to look again –
Janine: Jamz –

Amusing and interesting things:

Machine Gun Menace –
New neighbours: The African photographer and the camera –
Presidential candidates: listen to your alma maters on climate change –


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