Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 15/07/11

Sorry for the hiatus last week – I was staying in a village and happy to forget about the world’s problems for a week. Now I’m back but so behind… but here’s your partially-completed weekly development digest. I’ll post another new one on Friday. Enjoy!
Thanks Sylvie for the Canadian news!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.

Global news:

The struggle to eat –
If you build it, they may not come –
In a concession, rebels offer to let Gadhafi stay in Libya if he resigns –
Obama: ‘this may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield’ on no short-term extensions –

Canada news:

My name is Michael Ignatieff, and I am Canadian –
Rap it or paint it, Muslim artists tackle identity –
Quebec to introduce cap-and-trade program –
Union plans national fight against federal cuts –
Toronto Pride rocked by ‘Israeli apartheid’ spat –
Canada’s inter-generational voting gap –
Oil sands monitoring needs scientific rigour –
Census workers getting partial answers on long forms –
Canada’s income gap growing ––canada-s-income-gap-growing

Africa news:

*The Horn of Africa drought: The Endless Plight –
Explainer: the east Africa food crisis –
East Africa drought in pictures –
Science in Africa: the view from the front line –
Britain suspends aid to Malawi –
Zambia: Millions meant for the poor are stolen or missing –
South Sudan celebrates a sweet day of separation –
South Sudan’s independence clouded by unresolved issues –
Burkina Faso: Big boost for small agricultural producers –
New hope for malaria as river blindness drug shown to kill mosquitoes too –
Zambian prostitutes in marriage appeal on reality TV –

SPECIAL: BBC Country Profiles
Malawi –
Zambia –
Ghana –
Burkina Faso –
and more!

Ghana news:

Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo DCE denies Bimoba-Konkomba conflict –
Ghana’s Nana Rawlings fails in NDC bid for presidency –
Midfielder Essien out for 6 months –
Boost for organic farming in Ashanti region –
Physically challenged feel abandoned despite passage of bill –

Agriculture news:

$170 million research program to help maize farmers worldwide –
Kenya makes it legal to produce and import GM foods –
Kenya to attempt to prevent imported GM maize use as seed –
Kenya GM foods decision faces criticism from organic activists –
Uganda: technology to take advantage of high food prices introduced –
How smartphones can safeguard the future of agriculture in Uganda (CKW program)
IFPRI launches unique new tool that provides early warning of extreme price variability –
Why food price volatility doesn’t matter –
Graziano’s five major challenges (FAO)
Hedging food security through winter cultivation: the agronomy of dimba cultivation in Malawi –
The global supply and demand for agricultural land in 2050: a perfect storm in the making? –

Development thinking:

World Bank is opening its treasure chest of data –
*How can theories of change help in working with the private sector? –
Making aid really transparent –
*Tomorrow morning I will not wake up on the Africa continent –
Adventures in Voluntourism: they have become part of the tourism mainstream –
How do NGOs work with the private sector? –
Sustainable livelihoods approaches: past, present and… future? –
*How 28 countries escaped the poverty trap (including Ghana and Zambia)
The Price is Right –
In school not learning –
Can aid work? –
Make learning part of your brand –
Tax is power –
Changing the Story: The Cheetah generation –

5-part series: Becoming an aid worker –
Part 2: Aid work is a profession –
Part 3: Experience, education and personality –
Part 4: Where do you fit? –
Part 5: Count the cost –

EWB blog posts:

Dana: Getting around –
Tessa: The warm hearts of Africa –
Kristina: Language again –
Colleen: Ghana style fitness –
*Duncan: This is Africa –
Anthony: From the other side of the rear-view mirror –
Untapped Markets: Equipment breakdown –
Bernard: Vert Burkina: la crainte et l’émerveillement –
Geneviève: Honk once to let me know you’re around! –
Anthony: Balancing assets –
Untapped Markets: Involving businesses in market facilitation M&E –
Colleen: The emergence of the square thatched house –
Marie-Claire: Après la pluie le travail –
Colleen: He has… He has not… –
Franck: No country for an old man –
Jordan: What makes the feeling of “Home”? –
Franck: Voyage dans la Vallée de la Volta –
Lisa: Nsima with rice: language misunderstandings at their finest –

Amusing and interesting things:

You should probably quit your job –
A political history of Africa since 1900 (interactive) –
Women in political dynasties –


2 responses

  1. Eugene

    This is a lot of articles. Do you read all of them?

    July 29, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    • Nope. I read some, skim a lot and just read the headlines of the rest. It should be read on an as-interested basis! This is a lot of stuff, as you pointed out.

      July 30, 2011 at 3:23 pm

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