Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 01/07/11 (Happy Canada Day!)

Hey everyone,

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!
Thanks Sylvie for the Canadian news!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

ICC issues Gaddafi arrest warrant –
Ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn freed without bail –
Egypt protesters clash with police –
Unlucky camel finds Libya’s largest minefield –
On the mend? America comes to its senses –
To celebrate communism in China, a party as disciplined as the Party –

Canada news:

How safe is Canada’s drinking water? It’s tough to know –
AECL sold for $15m to SNC-Lavalin:
Omnibus Crime Bill an Injustice:
Don’t count on grants, Flaherty warns art groups:
Postal workers taking fight to court:
Canada wins battle to keep asbestos off hazardous list:
Critics push for full G20 inquiry:–critics-push-for-full-g20-inquiry
The irrelevance of separatism –
Canadians divided on expats’ right to vote: survey –

Africa news:

President Sirleaf’s ambition for Liberia: aid-free in a decade –
Did Ghana register 8000 homosexuals? The facts behind the hype –
Malaria: on the long, slow but steady road to elimination –
*Africa’s biggest market lies within –
Morocco votes on King Mohammed’s reforms –
Missing – proper toilets for 2.6 billion –

Agriculture news:

Fighting desertification: the great green wall of the Sahara –
Kenya to allow GM maize to alleviate shortage –
Can biofuels save Africa? –
Innovating our way to a second green revolution –
Political will –
*Roads and rice: how innovation and infrastructure can feed the world –
Brazil’s Lula, Ghana’s Kufuor win World Food Prize –
*G-20 Agriculture Ministers’ Summit: Everyone is for food security, as long as it doesn’t cost anything –
A Missed Opportunity: The G20 action plan on food price volatility and agriculture –
World Bank offers farmers money to hedge against volatile food prices –

Development thinking:

Corporations unite to fight for development –
Next USAID innovation: Learning from Failure –
Social cause marketing is made to stick. But can we make it also not suck? –
*Results 2.0: Towards a portfolio-based approach –
Humanitarian Aid 101: Aid cannot and will not fix anything –
In defence of duplication, waste and inefficiency –
Three angles on ‘green growth’ –
*Fair trade: still centred on smallholders? –
Donor aversion to ‘unsexy’ water projects threatens development goal –
Inequality needs to move up the development agenda –

EWB blog posts:

Lisa: Salima: Motorcycle riding, lake visits and bad karma –
Geneviève: Stories from the road –
Anthony: Visibility –
Colleen: Pragmatic Development –
Jordan: Oh right, stuff gets hard sometimes –

Amusing and interesting things:

How not to kill animals (or yourself) driving a moto in Ghana –
Zombie apocalypse warning in St. John`s:
Somaliland –


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