Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 24/06/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!
Thanks Sylvie for the Canadian news!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Canada news:

Tempers flare as MPs debate ordering Canada Post staff back to work:
Petition against internet ‘lawful action’ bills:
Afghan detainee records still hold questions, MPs say:
MPs slam Tories for blocking asbestos listing:
Oilsands blamed for caribou decline:
Police under fire as fresh statistics show charges dropped in 59% of cases:–police-under-fire-as-fresh-statistics-show-charges-dropped-in-59-of-g20-cases
Harper’s public service cuts will hurt water protection:
Electing the senate: worst idea ever (commentary):
New banknotes revealed:
Funny (and depressing): Can a redaction be revealing? This one is!

Africa news:

Madagascar faces new locust threat –
African jitters over blogs and social media –
*Africa’s new generation is using social media to push for change –
West Africa Rising: Heroin, cocaine traffickers find more buyers at home –
Ghana’s vice-president visits D.C., lives live out loud – from Twitter to Facebook ––from-twitter-to-facebook/2011/06/17/AGBh36eH_story.html
Tony Blair: Africa needs stronger governments to emerge from poverty –
Ghana: Let Them Be Gay –
Burkina Faso losing thousands of hectares of forests each year –
Ghana: Bush-burning threatening food security –

Agriculture news:

Ghana provides opportunity for Indian farmer –
Successful African alternatives to corporate ‘green revolutions’ –
*The war on Africa’s family farmers –
Stop demonizing foreign investors in agriculture, they’re not grabbing land –
Zambeef to raise funds for expansion –
Organic pesticides: not an oxymoron –
*Food prices: how high will they go by 2020? –
RELATED: Food prices to stay high this decade on demand, slowing output –
RELATED: Rising food prices are changing what we eat reveals new study –
US House passes $125.5 billion agriculture spending bill –
Spotlight G-20: Agriculture Ministers should strengthen government role in volatile markets –
RELATED: Main points from the meeting of G20 Agriculture Ministers –
RELATED: Verdict on G20 food summit? Dismal, please try harder –
Why Kufuor won the World Food Prize –

Development thinking:

*The future of funding: development aid as an investment –
Rajiv Shah: Our aid work is for the American people –
How to scale up sustainable energy: answers from the Ashden Awards –
Do your donors want you to use social media? –
Learning by Doing –
What makes health-workers get up in the morning? Paying-for-performance and worker motivation –
*What does a theory of change look like? –
RELATED: I’ve got a theory (of change) –
How can research funders work better with INGOs like Oxfam? –
Should we pay less for vaccines? –
What we REALLY need –
Sudan: A Beginner’s Guide –
Data Without Borders: Why I want to change the world –

EWB blog posts:

Colleen: trying to travel to Tamale on time… –
Franck: About time! (and work) –
Robin: Class, Culture and Concepts of Community –

Amusing and interesting things:

The Best Investment You Can Make –
The Summoned Self –
AudienceScapes really cool online data analysis tool! –
Turning Good Intentions into Good Actions –


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