Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 17/06/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

Thanks Sylvie for the Canadian news!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

Fukushima: it’s much worse than you think –
Greek lawmakers quit as crisis gathers pace –
One more down –
Weiner steps down under pressure –
Straight guy in Scotland –
US universities in Africa ‘land grab’ –
Chart of the Day: For American workers, no economic recovery –
Saudi women take wheel to protest driving ban –
Deaths as fresh protests rock Syria –
Afghanistan worst place in the world for women, but India in top 5 –
Tunisia: Ben Ali trial to begin in absentia, 20 June –

Canada news:

Afghan enrolment claim fail to make grade; school numbers don’t add up –
*Vancouver reels in riot aftermath:
Conservatives ready Air Canada back-to-work legislation:–conservatives-ready-legislation-to-end-air-canada-strike
Incomes in Canada: Booming or busted
CBC contributes $3.7B to economy says study:
Family ripped apart as immigration says son with Asperger’s ‘inadmissable’:–family-ripped-apart-immigration-says-son-with-asperger-s-inadmissible
Canada’s mission to Libya extended:
Rae slams Conservatives over double standard spending:
NDP: Shut down Canada’s asbestos industry:
Riverdale & Junction to become world’s first urban carbon neutral neighbourhood:–riverdale-junction-vie-to-become-world-s-first-urban-carbon-neutral-neighbourhood
Budget watchdog warns of future cuts:
Kitchener-Waterloo: Rail plan passes ––rail-plan-passes
Sun News Network – Canada’s new comedy central TV –
The Biggest Losers (the Liberals) –
Almost 1/3 of rich Canadians born abroad: BMO –
RIM shares plunge 21% –
Alberta medical dean accused of plagiarism resigns –

Africa news:

African trade deal needs more than good intentions –
RELATED: African countries getting a raw deal in land leases –
African Development Bank delivers bullish verdict on continent’s future –
Burkina Faso: Mutiny suppressed, but questions remain –
Understanding black power in South Africa –
*Africa and the Internet: a 21st century human rights issue? –
Go doodle Ghana –
Ghana: What about the projects? –

Agriculture news:

Building a bean-to-bar chocolate company in one of the poorest countries in the world –
Reframing the young people agriculture nexus –
Organic agriculture: deeply rooted in science and ecology –
*Food crises: five priorities for the G20 –
A warming planet struggles to feed itself –

Development thinking:

New winds of change blowing in the developing world –
*In praise of pragmatism –
Who is ‘the development industry’? –
Responding to some of the criticisms of GROW –
Is the blogging bubble about to burst? –
Fruit salad, chocolate cake, cognitive control and poverty –
Happiness as development –
*Putting solutions on trial: Impact evaluation and the Millennium Villages Experiment in Africa –
Responding to some of the criticisms of GROW –

EWB blog posts:

Jordan: Pimp my ride… Malawi edition –
Bernard: Pensées au hasard vol. 2 –
Franck: Tranche de vie –
Kristina: Pictures – Ntcheu –
Dan Boland: Great ideas… stalled –
Anthony: Working in a new direction –
Brian: Living in the present vs. indulging in negativity –
Brian: A day in the life –
Kristina: Where there’s smoke… –

SPECIAL SECTION: EWB’s recent efforts on Parliament Hill

CIDA could save 7 million annually: Engineers Without Borders –
Stop Canada’s foreign waste: NGO –
Foreign aid can be better spent: group –
Engineering students teach MPs about transparency ––engineering-students-teach-mps-about-transparency

Amusing and interesting things:

16 Things you didn’t know about Africa –
Canadians score lower on risk tolerance –
A Roadmap for the Planet –


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