Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 10/06/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink –
Is North Korea really hungry? –
Tiananmen Square anniversary draws huge crowds –
Chile volcano eruption forces mass evacuation –
The end of aids? –
F1 fact-finding report finds “NO indication of any problems” in Bahrain –
Breaking the silence on HIV in Egypt  –
Nepal: Low road through the Himalayas –
China overtakes US as top energy consumer –
Fukushima nuclear plant may have suffered ‘melt-through’, Japan admits –
UN member states agree on universal access to AIDS treatment –
German tests link bean sprouts to deadly E. coli –

Canada news:

True North reaches goal of selling 13,000 season tickets for Winnipeg NHL team –
Yes, we must pay attention to judges’ values –
No hospital wait for ‘buddies’ of Alta. politicians: doctor –
Hate crime reports jump by 42% in Canada –
EPA faults State Department review of TransCanada pipeline –
Bringing fair trade to our own backyard –
Canada confirms it will reject new Kyoto protocol –
Disheartened Canucks fans take to the streets –
Brian Stewart: Canada in Kandahar, wrong place, wrong time –
PM jets to Bruins game amidst belt-tightening:
Police name tags raised at G20 review:
NWT oil pipeline leak estimate grows:
User fees an ‘option’ in budget cuts:
Budget 2011: don’t look behind the curtain:
Brigette DePape on why she did it:–why-i-did-it-senate-page-explains-her-throne-speech-protest

Africa news:

Britain stops fertilizer subsidy support to Malawi –
Photos: Barrick Gold mine in Tanzania –
Malawi courts disaster by shunning aid –
Burkina Faso: Bloody end to Bobo Dioulasso mutiny –
Burkina Faso: Compaore regime moves to halt protests –
China’s changing tone on African investment –
Tunisia postpones election, possibly aiding new parties –
Tunisia offers wake-up call for development –

Ghana news:

*The sweet story of Divine Chocolates –
Brewer accused of depriving poor countries of millions in revenue –
5 reasons why Ghana is the next African App powerhouse –

Agriculture news:

Rice is king, but at a price –
Ghana 2010-11 cocoa purchases up 55% –
AGRA, USDA sign MoU –
Agriculture needs investors, not speculators, Le Maire says –
The rising cost of food – get the data –
GRAPHIC: A decade of global food prices –
No-till planting gaining popularity –
Food security has global implications –
Zambia: The art of farming: tackling food security through preservation of vegetables –
Gates Foundation Challenge winners –

Development thinking:

Aid policy: what the numbers don’t tell you –
*Innovation starts with disruptive hypotheses. Here’s how to create one –
Choosing the IMF’s next leader –
*Why can’t more poor people escape poverty? –
The Wickedness behind most 21st-century leadership failures –
Why haven’t politicians heeded the wisdom of EF Schumacher? –
Brazil declares war on ‘chronic poverty’ –
Impact without Boundaries –
*Porter: CUSO veteran Ian Smillie says there’s always been a concern about ‘dead aid’ ––porter-cuso-veteran-ian-smillie-says-there-s-always-been-concern-about-dead-aid
Visualizing privilege –
How can you do influencing work in one-party states? –
The first ever World Disability Report – what took them so long? –
Good and bad reasons to work on knowledge management –
Moving into the real world –
Simpsons quotes for aid agencies-
Rajiv Shah on breakthroughs in development –
Why I use social media –{

EWB blog posts:

Mina: The Industry –
Colleen: Inspiring a life of immersion –
Franck: Marathon Transatlantique –
Franck: Transatlantic Marathon, English Version –
Duncan: The target beneficiary –
Mark Hemsworth: Great paragraph on Social Enterprises –
Kristina: More challenges of interpretation –
Tessa: Let’s talk about sanitation –
Marie-Claire: Vendredi matin, 6h –
Marie-Claire: Un monde de projets –
Mina: Chasing more? –
Jordan: The only thing certain, is uncertainty –

Amusing and interesting things:

It’s not about you –
People are not cogs –
Fox confuses Tina Fey for Sarah Palin –
Who’s afraid of Sarah Palin? –
Watch A Tugboat Drag An Arctic Iceberg To Parched People Half A World Away –
The news article is breaking up –
*The value of following passion in a jobless world –
When a Nobel Prize isn’t enough –


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