Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 03/06/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Sylvie Spraakman for contributing the Canada news section!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

*Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests –
WHO says European E. coli strain has never been seen before –
Japan’s PM says he’ll resign after nuclear crisis overcome –
Protesters ‘killed’ in Syrian town –
Syrian abuses are ‘crimes against humanity’ –
Yemen president speaks after atack –
Security forces attack Bahraini protesters –
Obama’s illegal war –

Canada news:

Enlarging house of commons, Quebec denounces, West praises:
Government can’t balance budget by 2014 – watchdog says:–government-can-t-balance-books-by-2014-watchdog
Canada Post goes on strike:
Ottawa public sector layoffs may be tip of iceberg:<
Royal newlyweds to visit 7 Canadian cities:
Summer going to be warmer than usual this year in Canada:
PM ‘Afghanistan no longer a threat to the world’ in Kandahar:
GDP Report: awfully weak tea leaves:
Ford asks court to halt audit of his campaign finances:–ford-asks-court-to-halt-audit-of-his-campaign-finances
Jason Kenney re-hires aide who sent Tory appeal on Commons letterhead:
Luongo, Canucks blank Bruins –

Africa news:

Terror in Abyei –
Academic freedom demonstration in Zomba, Malawi –
Asia eyes Burkina Faso –
Reports of abuses stain new Ivorian president’s record –
Explosions greet Nigerian president’s new term –
NATO extends its mission in Libya –
Burkina Faso Presidential Guard take on mutineers –
Canadian High Commission ‘sabotages’ ISODEC –

Agriculture news:

Malawi to reap another maize bumper harvest –
Burkina Faso’s farming miracle –
Burkina Faso: Organic cotton under threat from GM cotton –
Global food crisis: towards a ‘doubly green’ world –
*Global food crisis: smallholder agriculture can be good for the poor and for the planet –
Fast track out of poverty: farm labour or smallholder? –
PAPER: Leveraging private sector investment in developing country agrifood systems –
INFOGRAPHIC: Growing better rice for a hungry world –

Development thinking:

GROW: Oxfam’s new global campaign –
The GROW campaign website:
The killer facts behind the GROW campaign –
*Why is the new Oxfam campaign called GROW? The importance of framing –
Grow: the good, the bad and the uncertain –

*An unlikely path to aid: paying to set up think tanks –
Blame it on the speculators, why don’t you? –
Is development a city, a corporation, or something completely different? –
*Randomized trials not a silver bullet –
Gender bias as an emergent property in international agencies –
RELATED: Gender and INGOs: pretty on paper… –
The development ideas hype cycle –
The world will not be saved through spreadsheets –
Far from home (Lebanese in Africa) –
Sanitation MDG is badly off track, but a community-led approach could fix that –
You can’t always get what you want –
Don’t do impact evaluations because… –….php

EWB blog posts:

Mike Klassen: The Irony of Malaria –
Duncan: Any Given Saturday –
Mike Klassen: Let’s clap for her –
Lisa: A week up north: Sanitation 101, district meetings and football –
Franck: Food price alarms: finding the balance –
Geneviève: Late afternoon scene from Chipse village –
Mike Klassen: Learning to crawl –

Amusing and interesting things:

Some thoughts about processing your inbox –
Something a bunch of us enjoyed this week… Norm Macdonald on Conan in 1997 (3 parts, this is part 1) –


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