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Development Digest – 29/05/11

Late this week… I’ve been having issues with my internet modem, and also with my time management skillz… ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s your weekly development digest! Enjoy! (And thanks again to Sylvie for providing Canada news!)


Global news:

Number of Indian women in top posts rises –
Sorry, didn’t find time for more news this week… please respond to this email thread with any stories you’d like to share!

Canada news:

Newfoundland has a lesson for Canada on globalization –
Canucks advance, fans rejoice –
On Israel, Harper stands alone at G8 summit –
Canada won’t pledge any new money for G8’s ‘Arab Spring’ –
Layton announces team of critics –
Auditor General departing, warns of ‘challenges’ ahead –
June 6 budget will phase out per-vote subsidy (another move to erode democracy – yay!) –
Economy & Mideast top Harper’s G8 agenda –
$9M cabinet cost looms as Tories look to slash budget ––9m-cabinet-cost-looms-as-tories-look-to-slash-budget
Bodies of men shot at Barrick gold mine in Tanzania stolen and dumped by police ––bodies-of-men-shot-at-barrick-mine-stolen-and-dumped-by-police-families
Slave Lake evacuees begin return –
Canada ranks high on the better life index –

Africa news:

Food insecurity grips region –
Again, please share more news!

Agriculture news:

US biofuels plantation subsidy bill fuels the destruction of African agriculture –
Anyone know any good agriculture news sources or blogs? This is the hardest section to source!

Development thinking:

Can food and finance work together? –
EWB featured!! Things I like: Engineers Without Borders (Canada) –
Survival of the fittest? What is the value of multilateral aid? –
Can Malawi deal with a British aid freeze? –
The Scaling-up Fallacy –
Are we really assessing development impact? –
RESPONSE: In defense of single project evaluations –
Do men and women see hunger differently? –
What use are models of change? An experiment in Tanzania –
Snooping in non-profit tax forms –
RCTs: A band-aid on a deeper issue? –
Compilation of blog posts written on RCTs –
Organizational change as struggle –
Five ways foreign aid could cost less while doing more –
Program-for-results: a new direction for the World Bank –

EWB blog posts:

Ben: Harvest! Friday Flims #10 –
Franck: Le printemps au Burkina –
Franck: Pis là Franck, tu fais quoi au Burkina? –
Franck: A development worker’s perspective on beggars –
Bernard: LA toune… –
Lisa: Research, Research and More Research… –
Franck: To report, or not to report –
Geneviève: A hint of randomness –
Mina: Easter holiday travels in the Volta Region! –
Untapped Markets: Demonstration farms – who should pay? –
Robin: Chocolate covered licorice, and other frivolities –

Amusing and interesting things:

The pursuit of happiness –
You are solving the wrong problem –


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