Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 13/05/11

Sorry for the hiatus last week – I was on vacation at the beach ūüôā

Unfortunately this means there are two weeks worth of articles here… nevertheless, enjoy your development digest! Thanks to Sylvie Spraakman for collecting the Canada news and to Mina Shahid for contributing the Egypt section.

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

How Osama bin Laden relegated himself to the post-colonial past –
Chomsky’s views on Osama bin Laden’s death:¬†
Blindfolded, beaten and tortured: Grim new testimony reveals fate of Bahrain’s persecuted doctors –
Analysis: West turns blind eye to Bahrain crackdown –
Afghan forces ‘not ready’ for handover –
Tunisia sets up electoral body ahead of vote –
Microsoft Skypes for $8.5 Billion –
Gadhafi’s compound hit by NATO airstrikes –
Protesters wounded in Yemen clashes –
Women have emerged as key players in the Arab Spring –

In case you’ve seen one of these May 21, 2011 Judgement Day signs in your neighbourhood:
Marketers of the apocalypse: Ad blitz warns of Judgment Day –
RELATED: Some horsemen –

Canada news:

Manitoba amasses real troops and an ‘army’ of retired engineers to deal with flood –
Chretien urges Harper not to end party subsidies
Green party on leaky pipeline company’s environmental record:¬†
Fate of supervised injection site goes to Supreme Court:
How economic stability really has nothing to do with a political party:
Quebec opens up its north for mining:
*Failing grade for government on access to information:
Elections Canada probing hoax calls to voters:
Conservatives will lower corporate tax cuts, Flaherty on the budget:
Painting the town blue –
Gas prices jump at pumps in Ontario, Quebec –
Bloc to seek party status, new leader: MP –
Slutwalk sparks worldwide protest movement –
By focusing on leadership, the Liberals are putting the cart before the horse –

Africa news:

Nigeria’s Mad Men: What ads say about doing business in Africa‚Äôs most populous country –|mgt|05-04-11|management_thinking
Chad: an election under the radar –
Ivory Coast makes first cocoa export since January –
Kenya: food taxes cut as four die of hunger –
African strongmen crush attempts to emulate pro-democracy uprisings –
What the world got wrong in C√īte D’Ivoire –
Uganda’s anti-gay bill is far from dead –
Why the world should keep an eye on Djibouti –
Zambia: Real changes needed in development policy and implementation –
Ivory Coast: Dozens die as Laurent Gbabo’s militia fight on –
CNN Marketplace Africa homepage – (H/T Colleen)
Renewables Africa homepage – (H/T Colleen)

Egypt news:

Egypt extends Mubaraks Detention –
*Breathless in Egypt –
Cairo tense after religious clashes –
Egypt’s Trial by Fire –
Egypt turns to IMF as deficit balloons –
The post revolution blues –

Ghana news:

Big transparency wins for Ghana –
Malaria investment pays off –

Agriculture news:

*The new geopolitics of food –
*Can the world feed 10 billion people? –
Fertilizer: free but shunned –
Yam: a triumph for towns –
Post-harvest management: adding value to crops –
Commodity associations: more competitive supply chains –
Doing more than praying for rain –
Organic farming – India’s future perfect? –

Development thinking:

Are 1 in 3 Africans middle class? –
The myth of 9 billion –
Don’t build schools in Afghanistan –
*Cut to the chase: 15 political truths for the centre-left –
How a business can change the world –
RELATED: Business models: why hybrids? –
Global Fund rethinks transparency –
I’m Bored – the Significance Manifesto –
Donor countries should wake up to work to end poverty –
NGO package tours – holidays with a conscience? –
Repatriating retro t-shirts from Africa (for a good cause) –
‘Private sector’ includes small local business, not just multinationals –
Is cash on delivery the future for aid? –

Development blogs:

Tolerance –
Holes –
Is budget support less fungible than project aid? –
Knowledge management as a cost saver in difficult financial times –
A few thoughts for conference organizers –
Measuring value in communities of practice –
Barefoot in church –
Land grabs update: (a lot) more hectares than we thought, and definitely bad for development –
Poor economics: a rich new book from Banerjee and Duflo –
You wanna get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts (Malawi!!) –

EWB blog posts:

Ben: Goin’ on a Parrot Hunt: Friday Flims #7 –
Wayne: The politics of Ghana’s agriculture –
Brian: April 14 Reflections –
Brian: A new day full of life, love and death –
Geneviève: Updates Р
Dan B: Pure Watah Economics –
Alyssa: Hope Floats in a Vote –
Don: Common constraints to extension work –
Bernard: Pensées au hasard vol.1 Р
Ben: Monkeys! Friday Flims #8 –
Mina: “Friendly” Protest in Tamale –
Mina: An Air-Conditioned Office –
Wayne: Project-conscious and business-conscious –
Untapped Markets: The end-game of market facilitation? –
Alyssa: What’s in a name? –
Geneviève: When knowledge gets in the way of creativity Р
Colleen: The art of persistent questioning –
Geneviève: Living out of a backpack Р
Lisa: Starting off in Malawi –
Colleen: The challenge with $300 houses –
Untapped Markets: The power of word of mouth –
Jordan: SOMBA!! How to get free fish by Lake Malawi –

Congrats to the UBC chapter of EWB!! UBC named Fair Trade campus –

Amusing and interesting things:

Self-check guide for girls: Am I Wearing Pants? –
Just how dangerous is sitting all day? –
Blue Ocean Turning Brown –
Considering: when warlords have Facebook pages –
Chinese twins born with one body, two heads –
Harvest some savings with a summer garden –
READING: Memoirs from Africa – paring down the list –
Accra wi-fi hotspots –


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