Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 28/04/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

Toyota car production disrupted until November –
Bahrain sentences protesters to death –
Sweatshops are still supplying high street brands –
Syria’s unrest: between myth and reality –
US storms kill over 200 –
Global forces: an introduction –
Grameen bank cleared of financial breaches by Bangladeshi government –
*Doha trade talks’ killing has no shortage of suspects –
Yemen’s other crisis: the daily struggle for food –

Canada news:

Anti-Harper voters may be reassessing leaders as campaign nears end –
Margaret Atwood: my paper napkin guide to the election ––atwood-my-paper-napkin-guide-to-the-election
Group sues auditor general to release G8 report –
*Layton jumps well ahead of Ignatieff as voters get off ‘the political couch’ –
Liberal-NDP merger possible, Senator says –
Globe and Mail endorsement: Conservatives (!) –
As voter numbers decline, online voting would help boost engagement –
Globe readers weigh in: one big idea to fix our democracy –
When satire shows go off the air, do Canadian voters tune out? –
On the internet, it’s anybody but Harper –

Africa news:

*Ivory Coast: A ragtag army falls apart –
Ivory Coast militia leader killed –
Sunshine and shadow in Rwanda’s rural housing program –
Libya: Filling the void of a stateless state –
As Sierra Leone celebrates its 50th birthday, a look back –
Museveni agrees to meet Besigye –
Uganda police arrest opposition leader Besigye –
Malawi expels British ambassador –
Burkina president Compaore takes charge of defence –
Another round of protests in Burkina Faso –
Hundreds killed in Nigeria post-election violence –
Nigeria: uneasy finale to general elections –
Nigeria: Fair vote, fragile future –

Ghana news:

Ghana cocoa purchases up 45% –
Bolga: reckless moto driver costs woman her life –
Gang of Nigerian robbers arrested in Ghana –
FDI inflows to country up 1st quarter of 2011 –

Agriculture news:

*Conservation and farming must learn to live together –
Sowing bubbles –
Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indors –
Small-scale farmers at risk from global land-grabbing –
“Farming out” agricultural advice through radio and SMS –
Sustainable farming helps to boost cotton crops in Uzbekistan –
Barclay’s faces protests over role in global food crisis –

Development thinking:

Behavioural economics: a review of the literature –
*More than 1 billion people are hungry in the world –
Let’s refocus our plan of attack on global poverty –
Untying the knot –
Banerjee and Duflo’s Poor Economics: micro-steps towards a quiet revolution? –
Limitations of RCTs: a post-script –
The problem with the big picture –
In developing countries, equity beats microfinance –
Carrots and marketing to the poor –
Haiti and the international aid scam –
China publishes first report on foreign aid policy –
Is social protection the next big idea to combat poverty? –

EWB blog posts

Jordan: What’s a night in Malawian jail like? –
Franck: Really, guys? –
Dan B: No pennies in Ghana –
Bernard: Beauté Terrifante: El Mina –
Brian: Sharing a bottle –
Erin: Always something going on in Tamale –

G&RI team 1st Quarter Update –
Ben’s Friday Flims –

Amusing and interesting things:

I predict the Gifted will foresee the Punchline –
Fragility –
Taking the 10,000 hours of practice theory seriously –
Patterns, patterns everywhere [HT Laura McGrath] –
How centered leaders achieve extraordinary results –


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