Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 22/04/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

Special thanks again to Sylvie Spraakman for contributing the Canada news section!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Canada news:

Strategic voting groups have lofty goals –
Coalition talk returns to campaign:
Elections agency to probe harassing calls:
Anti-abortion groups shaped Tory funding policy on Planned Parenthood:–anti-abortion-groups-shaped-tory-funding-police-on-planned-parenthood
Guergis: Harper ‘tossed me under a bus’:
*CIDA: A broken agency that needs to be overhauled (featuring EWB staff James Haga!) –

Africa news:

*Ivory Coast’s develoment failures –
Nigerian elections: the good, the bad and the ugly –
Nigeria riots leave many dead and hundreds injured –
AU lifts sanctions on Ivory Coast –
*Burkina Faso to hear soldiers’ grievances –
Cote D’Ivoire: hesitant steps toward normal life –
China puts its mark on Malawi –
Trade: “A Doha round collapse is a betrayal of poor countries” –
Libyan choice: starve or run –
Burkina Faso: the protest/mutiny movement is not over –

Ghana news:

Rawlings’ wife joins presidential race in Ghana –
Isam, politics and development: negotiating the future of Dagbon –
The Ya-Na murder trial: muddying the waters –
Of the local child and the cocoa farm –
New initiative to improve agric policies out –

Development thinking:

Got ‘Em: An Evaluation Story –
*Big Business –
Ten things I didn’t want to know about aid ineffectiveness –
Aid blogging matters – beyond the front lines –
Collecting “Three Cups of Tea” Posts (related to scandal with Greg Mortenson and his organization CAI) –
Has the microfinance bubble really burst? –
RESPONSES to above –
When users = funders –
Owen Barder: sad farewell, exciting horizons –
Evidence and engagement: debating the UK Government’s new paradigm for water, sanitation and hygiene research –
Decline and Fall (of Malawi as a development darling) –
*Confusing Success with Failure –
Fundamentally unknowable? Can we learn whether our firm policies in Africa are working? –
What is success, anyhow? –
Six theories of policy change –

EWB blog posts:

Jordan: The joys of EWB field-work: Part 2 –
Erin: Big John’s Self-Help Super Microfinance Scheme –
Untapped Markets: Association-building: back in vogue in development-speak –
Robin: Development work: a wild ride –
Dan B: Why do so many PDPs get abandoned? –
Marie-Claire: On n’a pas le choix –
Ben: Friday Flims: If the rains rain well –

Amusing and interesting things:

Development jargon quiz –
xkcd: The Future according to Google search results –
The Grand Tour (an expat’s take on a Chinese tour of Europe) –
Online Colour Challenge –


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