Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 17/04/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Sorry it’s late again… but enjoy!
Special thanks to Sylvie Spraakman for contributing the Canada news section!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

Tepco to compensate Japan’s nuclear plant victims –
Plant operator to ‘end’ Japan nuclear crisis –
Battles for Libyan cities rage on –
Libya’s Pathway to Peace (by Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy) –

Canada news:

Tories come under attack for Auditor-General’s ‘shocking’ G8 spending report:–tories-come-under-attack-over-ag-s-shocking-g8-spending-report
Pot laws quashed by Supreme Court – lawmakers react:–lawmakers-police-seek-guidance-after-pot-laws-quashed
*Students might actually vote in this election (let’s hope so!):
Tories may release Afghan detainee documents:
‘Ethnic costumes’ email gets people angry:
Wet start to planting season could lower grain yields:
For the next generation of Inuit, hope lies in education –

FEATURE Canadian Election news:

These stories are from earlier, but since we missed Canada news last week, let’s catch up:
If you’ve been living in a hole, here’s the rundown on the entire election so far (it’s a bit old, but still valuable):
Good overview of the election platforms so far:

Leader’s Debate:
Watch it here:
Fact checking on various statements throughout the debate:
Race tightened in the hours prior to English debate –
Analyses of the debate:

Africa news:

Alassane Ouattara begins difficult task of rebuilding, reuniting Ivory Coast –
‘A very highly systematized and orchestrated campaign of violence’ in Ivory Coast –
Gbabo party leader calls for reconciliation –
*The Ivorian Endgame –
Cote D’Ivoire round-up: The Civilian Toll –
Burkina Faso traders riot over lootings –
Soldiers ‘continue to mutiny’ in Burkina Faso –
Blue-sky thinking –
Nigeria poll points to north-south divide –
Google appoints female country manager for Nigeria –
REPORT: A New Era of Transformation in Ghana (IFPRI) –

Agriculture news:

Food for Thought –
RELATED: Vilsack: Jobs will be lost if ethanol subsidy ends –
Four lessons for transforming African agriculture –
Don’t plant rice, Japanese farmers told –
Women are central to feeding Africa –
RELATED: Teach a woman to farm (infographic) –
Indonesia is all over this problem like white on rice –
Zoellick warns on food, oil prices –
Five reasons carbon markets won’t work for agriculture –
African broadcasters trained in the ‘whole station approach’ –
An analysis on Malawi’s fertilizer subsidy program –

Development thinking:

REPORT: World Development Report 2011 (World Bank) –
RELATED: The economics of violence –
Core principles for aid providers –
Questions over Greg Mortenson’s stories –
RELATED: Mortenson under fire from ’60 Minutes’ – Bozeman philanthropist denies allegations –
Reform School –
BRIC wall –
*Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% –
No Innovator’s dilemma here: In Praise of Failure –
The ‘Business’ of International Aid –
COMMENTARY on above: The ‘Business’ of International Media –
Five stories from Africa –
The ‘Top Think Tanks’ in the World –
Is giving the greatest moral challenge of our time? –
Aid blogging matters (?) –
Two years of giving all I can (consider giving to this GREAT site if you can spare some change for making change!) –
Cash transfers: what does the evidence say? (related to the DFID research paper I posted last week!) –
*IRL (In Real Life) –
Lessons Learned: A Day Without Dignity –

Impact evaluation, behavioural economics & RCTs:
*Is Nudging really enough? –
When will we learn how to learn? –
Why most aid won’t be good aid –
Stuff you cannot randomize –
Things I Like (and a contest!): More Than Good Intentions –
Dean Karlan’s new book: RCTs – this time it’s personal –
Limitations of RCTs (Part 3): How context influences program execution –

EWB blog posts:

Geneviève: What are we ready to cope with? –
Franck: Élections Fédérales: VOTEZ!! / 2011 ELECTIONS: VOTE NOW!! –
Geneviève: Galerie de la souris mini –
Robin: Social Entrepreneurship: “the last thing a fish would ever notice would be water” –
Mike Klassen: Peaks and Valleys –
Untapped Markets: Is Zambia missing out on a windfall? –
Franck: Argumentaire pour le vote stratégique –
Franck: Dépenses du G8: la verité avant les élections! –
Franck: G8 expenses: know before you vote! –
Franck: Condensé de nouvelles: élections fédérales 2011 –

And don’t forget our regular features:
Jo’s Zam-servations –
Ben’s Friday Flims –

Amusing and interesting things:

Distilling the wisdom of CEOs –
Ethical businesses with a better bottom line –
Royal Canadian Mint reveals special coins to commemorate royal wedding:
Gangster Fashion –
Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like (always a good joke!): Blogging to display their superior thinking –


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