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Development Digest – 09/04/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Enjoy!

(Sorry, I didn’t have time to read any news articles this week, other than a few that were linked on Twitter – some of it might be out-of-date, and I know NOTHING about what’s happened in Canada this week. Still looking for a partner-in-crime to help with news – I’ll share all my resources, I just don’t have time to read!)

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

In Israel, time for peace offer may run out –
Grameen founder Yunus loses final dismissal appeal –
Fresh clashes in restive Yemeni city –
Libyan rebels reject Gaddafi ‘peace’ overture –
Development aid reaches an historic high in 2010 –,3746,en_21571361_44315115_47515235_1_1_1_1,00.html

Cote D’Ivoire news:

Ivory Coast: was it a massacre? –
The road to peace in Ivory Coast: or why did Outtarra turn to violence? –
Gbabo must go – and so should other African leaders who overstay –
UN moves to stop another bloodbath in Ivory Coast –
Outtara overshadowed by Ivory Cost killings –
*Nightmare in Abidjian: history in photos of the crisis –
Manufacturing Cote D’Ivoire’s ‘good guy’ –

Agriculture news:

Delivering agricultural inputs in Tanzania –
Lack of policy programmes affect agriculture – AGRA –
Urgent actions needed to prevent recurring food crises: IFPRI Policy Brief –
Canadian Farm Radio Network informing Africans –
RESOURCE: Food Security Aid Map –
*More African countries seen growing GM crops –
RELATED: Gene-modification: more, better crops or imperiled food system? –
Opposition building to Great Green Wall –

Development thinking:

Report: Impact and Aid Effectiveness: Mapping the Issues and their Consequences –
Five reasons I’m a fan of Cash on Delivery, and 5 ways to make it sharper –
5 reasons to fail fast and cheap –
How do Aid agencies deal with Wicked Problems? –
Fordlandia: A development review –
*Limitations of RCTs Part 1: Politics and context –
Limitations of RCTs Part 2: How politics and context confound measurement –
*It’s good enough for me, but not good enough for you –
Listening –
Ten steps for meaningful aid transparency –
A Day Without Dumbassery –

EWB blog posts:

Franck: Un transport a l’Africaine, Part 2 –
Franck: An update on Libya –
Colleen: World of Water –
Franck: A great case of revisionism –
Marie-Claire: Histoires de sorcellerie-
Genevieve: Perspectives –
Duncan: Development without Dignity –
Jordan: How to screw up Malawian greetings, and other joys of EWB field work –
Don: Understanding Technology Adoption –
Jordan: Connecting with Africans… on the court –
Genevieve: How does it work? –
Mina: Life updates & photos –
Anthony: Tomorrow, we get back to work –
Franck: The Passport Saga (Intro) –
Untapped Markets: Improving Profit Margins, a story of failing, and learning – Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Untapped Markets also featured a number of APS posts for the Day Without Dignity Campaign (a response to TOMS shoes “Day without Shoes”).
Day Without Dignity entries –
Untapped Markets: Day Without Dignity (click through to see other APS entries) –

And don’t forget our regular features:
Jo’s Zam-servations –
Ben’s Friday Flims –

*Ben has also been working on a series of posts about the MoFA team’s new Strategy Development process, specifically explaining the new Impact Model we’re using. Very interesting stuff, we’re looking for lots of feedback, so check it out – the first post of this series is at

Amusing and interesting things:

Twitter Rules –
Green Jelly Beans and Subsamples –


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