Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Strategy Development in small-meal-sized chunks: Parts 3 & 4

Hey world,

I hope you’ve been following along on Ben’s blog as he unveils our new Strategy Development process! It’s a complicated model, but he’s really breaking it down and explaining it piece-by-piece. Our goal is to educate you, the “public” (or our “external audience”) about the model we’re using so that we can effectively solicit you for feedback on our strategy in the future – sounds like a cool opportunity to contribute, right? Then read on!!

Ben has posted twice more since I last updated you. The first post was an introduction to the Impact Model that we’re using and the idea of Value Propositions. We are using this concept to understand the value-add we are proposing to each of our different customer segments within the Ministry of Agric. Each of our proposed initiatives will follow this Model in the future so we have a way to compare different investments and make the best possible use of our resources. Look for more explanations on this model to come!

His second post was a short sidenote about why the Ministry of Agriculture is our “customer”, and not farmers themselves. This is a critical point, and one that a lot of other projects and initiatives in northern Ghana ignore. I highly recommend reading this post!

Again, visit for regular updates, and thanks again for reading!


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