Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 18/03/11

Here’s your weekly development digest – enjoy!

Note: This week EWB is featuring a campaign to encourage Canada to sign onto the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Find out more about the campaign and add your voice here:

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Japan news:

*Japan increases nuclear alert level –
The nuclear risk merits actions, but not global shutdowns –
‘Fukushima 50’ risking their lives to try to prevent meltdown –
Sticking together in a crisis –
Does Japan need your donation? –
RELATED: Why waiting to give to Japan is a good idea –
*RELATED: Well-meaning gestures that create more problems than they solve –
Thomas Homer-Dixon: Our Fukushima Moment –
Articles related to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan –

Global news:

Transition in Egypt: the challenges of going beyond a democratic facade –
*UN body authorizes military intervention in Libya –
RELATED: Military intervention in Libya may already be irrelevant –
Big trouble in little Bahrain –
Map: protests spread in Middle East –
Abbas won’t run for re-election, offers to visit Gaza –
UAE to hold second ever election in September –
Airbus faces manslaughter charges –
Spy Games –
As crisis unfolds around him, Obama seems curiously unengaged –
Deadly US strike in Pakistan kills 38 civilians –

Africa news:

Protests in Burkina Faso –
Plumbing grey data for clear water –
The extended family: blessing or burden? –
*Cote D’Ivoire: Paradise lost –
Horrors in Ivory Coast –
Oumarou accepts defeat in Niger presidential vote –

Ghana news:

Five million Ghanaians practice open defecation –
Ghana prepares bill on local content in oil and gas industry –
Ghana’s Jubilee Oil field to produce 120,000 barrels daily by July –

Canada news:

Canada to give Egypt $11M for democratic change –
CF-18 jets to help enforce Libya no-fly zone –
*How a wild week ahead could bring election –
Harper government to be found in contempt: could trigger election call –
Gay rights referenced in new citizenship guide –

Agriculture news:

Ivory Coast cocoa embargo hurting smallscale farmers –
Agricultural policy is gender policy –
Sustainable intensification of agriculture in Africa –
Strombo named WFP ambassador –
RELATED: celebrities recruited to raise awareness of world agriculture crisis –

Development thinking:

Be CAREful when donating –
The ugly game of relief for Japan –
What do poor people want? –
Aid: good intentions are not enough –
8 uses for social media in aid work –
Google’s quest to build a better boss –
RELATED:Being a good boss vs. being a great social entrepreneur –
Aid delivery: cash, cheques and credibility –
HBR: Failure is failure –

EWB blog posts:

Ben: Friday Flims series (Ben is posting 1 film – or “flim” as they say in Ghana – every Friday for 10 weeks) –
Untapped Markets: Why is the inputs sector a lever for change? –
Untapped Markets: Whose business is it really? –
Genevieve: When the curtain falls –
Anthony: Hidden in plain sight –
Joanne: A troubled kid –
Genevieve: The things we take for granted –
Duncan: Water Wellness Abroad (links to guest posts) –
Joanne: Zam-servation #1 –
Untapped Markets: So let me get this straight: you work with rich mango farmers? –
Dan B: The 3 R’s –
Colleen: Secondary effects of deceit –


I ❤ xkcd –
Responsible travel means “not haggling over wooden beads” –
Reintegration –
Fresh evidence for expanding universe –


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