Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 11/03/11

Here’s your weekly development digest – enjoy!

If you only have time to read 5 articles, read the ones with the *star*.


Global news:

*The price of food is at the heart of this wave of revolutions –
RELATED: Bye-bye cheap food, hello turmoil –
Middle East turmoil: protests in Kuwait, governments shuffled in Tunisia, Oman –
Arab social capital is there – it’s young and connected –
Powerful earthquake rocks Japan –

Africa news:

*Growing humanitarian crisis in Côte D’Ivoire –
RELATED: Laurent Gbabo is to blame for the crisis –
Djibouti protests again –
On Libya and “African” mercenaries –
Libyan opposition gains support, Ghaddafi forces bombard oil port –

Special report: Investment in Africa
Part 1: Africa providing greater returns for Western investment –
Part 2: Foreign investors see potential in African agriculture (BONUS quote: “Every fifth African needs at least five hours to get to the nearest market”) –
Part 3: Increased investment rapidly changing Africa’s IT landscape –
Part 4: Investment in infrastructure crucial to Africa’s economic growth –
Part 5: Greater investment in electricity could spark African growth, say analysts –

Ghana news:

Ghanaian teachers get damaged (single) spine (salary) –
Health insurance premiums in Ghana –
Tomato traders, farmers want protocol ratified –

Canada news:

The truth about attack ads: they work –
Agriculture remains a tough sell in the north –
Ottawa rumour mill in overdrive about plan to take down the tories –
Rob Ford’s first 100 days –
House approves generic drug bill meant to help poor countries –
Head count in the House: do you know where your MP is? –

International Women’s Day:

*James Bond on gender equality –
Empower Women to realize the African dream –
Raising the profile of women farmers –
African women writers in pole position for Commonwealth Writers’ Prize – Farida Betwei –
The new Egypt: leaving women behind –
Government arrests, beats female protesters as world marks International Women’s Day –

Agriculture news:

Extending the reach (of extension) –
Save climate and double food production with eco-farming –
*RELATED: Sustainable farming can feed the world? –
Insurance service to reduce the risk of subsistence farming –

Development thinking:

Charter Cities: The politically incorrect guide to ending poverty –
*Closing the gap between policymakers and people –
After Action Reviews –
How can better models of change sharpen up our work on development? –
More on failure: #epicfail –
Cutting out the middle men: unconditional cash transfers –
Devex launches initiative to highlight innovation in development –
Would you hire me if I disagreed with you? What if I did it publicly? –
Peace Corps, a program for the 21st century –
COUNTER: Corps Concerns –
The Mauritius Miracle (Joseph Stiglitz) –
Why being up close with poverty can bring positive benefits (or why EWB does village stays) –
Muhammed Yunus and the crisis of microfinance –

EWB blog posts:

Dan B: Dear future self… –
Brian: What’s the good word? –
Mike Klassen: Privilege, Taxi Drivers and Complexity –
Mina: (Not) Soul Shattering –
Anna Hopkins (EWB National Office staff) blogs during her trip to Malawi –
Anthony: How much is a cow? –
Untapped Markets: Market Research: What do farmers really want? –
Untapped Markets: Business based on trust –


Ghana’s change-makers –
BC priest lands snowboarding PhD –
Canadians’ internet usage nearly double the worldwide average –
IPA Liz in Tamale, who many of you know, makes up her own alphabet –
Sage advice on being a development worker –


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