Thoughts from an agricultural development gal in Ghana

Development Digest – 04/03/11

Here’s your weekly development digest. Sorry it’s a long one – there’s a lot happening in the world this week! To help you choose what to read, I’m going to *star the ones I think are extra-good – but I still encourage you to read as much as you want!



Global news:

Grameen Bank ordered by Bhangladeshi government to fire Yunus –
RELATED: Fired? Resigned? Fighting it? Not sure… –
US Army files 22 charges against Wikileaks soldier –
NATO-led forces kill 9 Afghan boys –
World Food Prices reach record high –

Revolution news:

Protests in North Korea –
Threat of civil war looms in Yemen –
Bahrain, Oman protesters call for change –

*Democracy’s always awkward march –
As freedom blooms in the east it’s withering in the west –
Is 2011 another 1989? –
*How will the Arab Spring reshape the Middle East? –

Libya/Tunisia news:

Civil war in Libya? –
Recruiting now for new offensive against Gaddafi –
Tunisians know Ben Ali was not democracy’s only block –
*At a tense border crossing, a systematic effort to keep black Africans out –
RELATED: Photos from the border crossing –,0

Africa news:

*Wired for Freedom in Africa (article by Ghana’s VP) –
Libyan unrest shaking Mugabe’s tree –
West African discuss conflicts between pastoralists and settler/farmer communities –
Ghana oil money to start flowing –

Ivory Coast news:

Ivory Coast heading back toward civil war? –
UN Inspectors attacked as Ivory Coast heads toward civil war –
*President cuts off power and water to the north –

Canada news:

*Rob Ford is an idiot (ok that’s not the actual title of the article – I paraphrased) –
Christy Clark is BC’s new premier –
*Michael Ignatieff: Tough guy with a vision –
End the Silence on Aid ––end-the-silence-on-aid?sms_ss=twitter&at_xt=4d6e5aecaf332a61,0
*Time for transparency in our foreign aid (op-ed by EWB’s James Haga) –
Canada should bring poor countries to the food aid table –
RELATED: Eyes on London for Global Food Aid –
Canada readies for bigger military role in North Africa –
*RELATED: How to intervene in Libya? –

Agriculture news:

Why Monsanto’s GM seeds are undemocratic –
*Fertilizer subsidies (bonus: includes the word “heterogeneity”) –
Farm Radio –

*Economist Special Report “The Future of Food” – a series on world food, check out all the links! I liked the one below:
A Prospect of Plenty –
Commentary on the Economist report by Oxfam’s Duncan Green –

Development thinking:

*The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator –
Real Conservatives Don’t Slash Aid –
Does Gates Foundation funding of media taint objectivity? –
India is trying out Cash Transfers – (read about the concept here: )
International Aid Transparency Initiative signatories agree on aid data standard –
Aid Data Transparency thoughts –
*Changes… –
Leading Thinkers? –
Charity:Water jigs its messaging –
RELATED: And people approve! –

APS blog posts:

Ben B: Me talking about failure and aid –
Mike Klassen: Smiles and Systems –
Mark B: On Zambia and Ghana: Part 1 –
Geneviève: The Missing Keys: Education and Leadership –
Geneviève: Waste Land –
Dan B: Common question but no easy answer –
Untapped Markets (AVC blog): Location, location, location –


*The exponential power of public squares –
An Old City (Dispatches From Jerusalem) –
How the TED Fellows program develops leaders –
The Aspiring Dictator’s Guide –
Great video from Peace Dividend Trust –
*Hi-larious video (“I will design a community-driven intervention, and you can agree with it”) –


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